Use youtube videos to promote your business.

Hello and greetings.

I will talk about the use of youtube videos to promote your business.

Does it have to be “professional” or “production quality” to show in your business website?  Do you have to have lots of motion or good dialog to catch a viewers interest?

The answer is NO.  You can create this using a smartphone, either recording a video with audio or just a series of pictures.  Also, the shorter it is, the better.

Here are two youtube videos I’ve help create.

The first video was done from a i-phone.

It’s short and sweet and is under two minutes.

Here is one thats under a minute.

This one was done with a series of pictures taken from a smartphone.

Slideshow will also convey just as much information as you want.

The other thing you should use is a titlecard with your video.  The titlecard shows your business name, logo, and contact information.   Any more than that can become confusing for the viewers to remember.

Software for doing this?  Keep in simple.  In both videos I used the Windows Movie Maker.
There are better packages out there, however if you don’t have very deep pockets and the time to learn the advanced features of the movie software, keep it simple.

Until then, I would encourage you to use youtube for promoting your business.

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