Services we offer:

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Based on widely supported open source software like WordPress and Magento, this gives you options as you can always get help with your site in the unlikely event that something happens to us.  However, we intend to stay around in business.

Turnkey Rapid Development – For a basic website with basic requirements, we will develop a CMS (Content Management System) website in under a day.  Get us the images, photos and we will have a website ready for your business that gives you a web presence.  We will come to your business and set it up the same day.  This will be most likely what you need.

Custom Development – For websites with more complex detailed requirements, we will develop a CMS website that fits your needs.  This may need custom graphics, custom programing and will take more time.  We can handle this as well.

E-Commerce – For those who want to sell online, we got you covered too.  From 5 to 5,000 items we get you setup from nuts to bolts with everything from ssl certificates to credit card processing, we’ll guide you at every step of the process while we build you an  awesome e-store for your business.

Custom content development – We will help you develop and leverage youtube videos by helping YOU develop them.  We also have custom software to add content to your blog so your site goes up in traffic and popularity.

Web content and hosting maintenance – Don’t desire or want to learn how to keep your site up to date?    Although it is our desire that you do your own maintaining of your website and we work to make your site a self-service web experience, we understand that you may be busy or have better things to do. We can help you with this as well, for a small monthly fee.

Web Application Development – Need an Android or IPhone app that ties to your website?  We can help you with that.  Through ITunes or Google Play, you can have a free app available for download onto your customers phone which will promote your business and give your customers what they need to keep them interested in you and meet their needs.

Training and Consulting –  We know our stuff and we can train you.  Our principle is an experienced consultant with over 20+ years of industry experience in the Information technology field and knows how to run and build a business.  We will lend you that experience to help you get ahead.

In either case, contact us and we will be glad to help.